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We Take Our Cues from the Market

Join editor Bayan Raji to explore OPIS’ full-day pricing methodology in the Chicago spot market. This webcast takes you behind the scenes with OPIS’ Midwest spot editor to see what goes into the benchmark ranges they create every session.

After this hour-long webcast, you will understand:

  • The specifics of how OPIS covers the Chicago market. Several lines and storage locations serve the region – such as West Shore, Badger, Wolverine and Buckeye Complex – and OPIS ranges are fully inclusive.
  • OPIS’ pricing philosophy on bids, offers and trades. Know what information trumps others and what trade conditions raise red flags for our editors.
  • How editors establish relationships with their sources to gather the most comprehensive data possible. See what types of sources give us price information and how we use it.
  • Explore key fundamentals that help editors make market calls that reflect evolving supply and demand conditions.

This information-packed webcast features multiple examples of trade scenarios and Q&A with our editor. You'll be directed to the recording and slides as soon as you click the submit button.

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