From the refinery gate to the end user, COVID-19 has disrupted the supply chain leaving us to ask "what now, what next?"

This webinar discusses how COVID-19 is impacting each segment in the downstream market. It also includes IHS Markit's analysis on the short-term outlook for U.S. refining product demand, margins and runs.


Tom Kloza Debnil Chowdhury
Tom Kloza
Global Head of Energy Analysis
OPIS by IHS Markit
Debnil Chowdhury
Head of North America Refining
IHS Markit

Who Should Listen?


What will product demand look like in the short term and where will refinery utilization have to balance supply and demand?


Prices are low for now but eventually will pivot higher - what then?


While margins are at record highs, demand taking a hit is certain to damper fuel profits. Is this the new normal for retailers?


Diesel supplies can be affected by run cuts, but with delivery demand likely to be robust fleets need to be aware of potential price impacts.


Terminal assets are suddenly more valued making storage space extremely desirable. How much will rates rise?


How will refinery runs and full terminals impact pipeline operations?


Volatility in futures and spot markets is here to stay for the moment. Traders need to be prepared for the next price moves.


With assets bound to come on the market, which institutions are best positioned to pick them up?