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Join us again in Chicago for the renewable fuels industry’s leading event – the 16th Annual OPIS RFS, RINs & Biofuels Forum!

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel | September 23-25, 2024

The biofuels industry has rarely seen much forward-looking certainty from the policymakers that incentivize the growth of their fuels, but 2024 has provided enough stability for industry players to look further into the future.

Major investments are being made in building out infrastructure and production capacity needed to continue to reduce carbon emissions associated with fuels like ethanol, biodiesel, renewable diesel,
sustainable aviation fuel and renewable natural gas.

The electric vehicle writing is on the wall, but that’s not stopping the biofuels industry from putting their best foot forward in preparing for the low-carbon future.

The fuels industry is gearing up for a dramatic transition in the race against the growing electric vehicle market, and no other event than the OPIS RFS, RINs & Biofuels Forum can better prepare you for what’s
coming next.

Join us in Chicago for engaging dialogue around all the latest changes surrounding the Renewable Fuel Standard, as well as plenty of conversation about what’s next for EPA - where have policymakers and
regulators had the most success in steering biofuels down the right path and what’s needed to continue the growth needed to ensure success?

People from all areas of the renewables industry— refiners, blenders, retailers, importers, biofuels producers and many others — attend this conference year after year to make sure they’re keeping up with the latest in trends and regulatory and legislative developments.

Whether you’re trying to catch up, get or stay ahead, there’s something for you at the 16th Annual OPIS RFS, RINs Biofuels Forum!

Here’s just a small preview of some of the key issues industry experts will discuss this September:

  • EPA’s next big enhancements for the RFS program
  • Examination of the legal landscape surrounding RFS decisions
  • How policy and progress have supported renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel
  • Perspectives from refiners embracing low-carbon fuels and reducing emissions
  • Strategies around ensuring compliance obligations are being met
  • Plus, much more!

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Sponsorships available!

 A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are available for the Forum and can be viewed HERE. To reserve your networking opportunity or branded item, please contact David Coates, Director of Conferences, at dcoates@opisnet.com or +1 713-305-0116.